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Trinity Village Estate Update


Sadly Naomi, who has been a great asset, left the Estate Maintenance team. We thank her for her time and send her our best wishes. In her stead, we warmly welcomed Sinead as the new Operations Co-ordinator. Alongside this, we also welcome Vaidas as the Assistant Facilities Manager. Do pop along to the Estates Office to meet them, or you will surely meet them around the estate.

Trinity Church Square continues with its rolling maintenance assessment. This work involves erecting scaffolding that will make its way around the square. The maintenance will involve checking the pointing, gutters, down pipes and window condition. We thank all residents for their patience as we undertake this necessary maintenance work.

With estate improvements in mind, we are excited to share that we have applied for an E-charging point in Gloucester Court. Once installed, the charging point will allow residents to charge their electric cars on the estate. Please note that we will have a limited number of fobs available for this, which will be distributed on a first- come, first-served basis.

As always, please feel free to register through the portal, pop into the office or contact us if you have any issues or comments relating to your home and the estate.


Pimm’s in the Park


It’s PIMM’S O’CLOCK! You are cordially invited by The Corporation of Trinity House and Knight Frank to Pimm’s in the Park

Thursday 7th July from 3 PM, Trinity Church Square Garden

Join us for live music, entertainment, Pimm’s and other refreshments!

Children welcome


Estate Update


The Estates team wishes to thank residents for their patience and cooperation during February’s Annual Fire Risk Assessments at Trinity Village. We’re pleased to report that the team found a high level of compliance across the estate. While they may be an inconvenience to residents, assessments like these are critical to keeping everyone safe in their homes. The team continue to rely on residents’ flexibility and understanding to allow access to their properties to complete health and safety checks from time to time.

We’re also pleased to share that the estate is nearing the end of the 2021/22 roofing replacements and refurbishments. These works have seen six replacements and several roof refurbishments. Works included refurbishing the gullies and downpipes, which we hope will reduce recent water ingress-related issues. We’re looking to continue this project into the new financial year.

To maintain the estate’s appearance, Knight Frank also recently instructed specialist cleaning service DOFF (aligned with London Southwark Planning requirements) to clean the front steps of properties on Trinity Church Square. These works have made a notable difference, and we will now look to continue these on an annual basis on TCS, as well as on Merrick Square.

Electric vehicle owners will be pleased to hear that Louie-Mae is engaging with leading ERV business Future Group on green initiatives. These initiatives include a feasibility assessment for electric vehicle charging point installations.

From your Estate Management Team.


The Corporation of Trinity House update


Over the last couple of years, The Corporation of Trinity House has been proud to have supported the Fisherman’s Mission, which is celebrating 140 years of service to the fishing community.

It has been a tumultuous two years for the fishing industry. The pandemic brought about the near-overnight collapse of the supply chain for the industry in the spring of 2020. This resulted in some fishermen and fish producers going out of business, while others couldn’t sell fish for months. As in other industries, times were tough.

Actively supporting over 3,800 clients means that the Fishermen’s Mission remains grateful for the committed friendship and financial support from The Corporation of Trinity House. For many years The Corporation has provided an invaluable, regular, annual grant to help with the core costs of running the charity, which helps with planning its vital service delivery.


Easter Egg Hunt


The Corporation of Trinity House and Knight Frank cordially invite you to an Easter Egg Hunt Complimentary beverages available With bouncy castle, face painting and balloon modelling

3pm , Saturday 16th April, In Merrick Square


Buying independent gifts will have you giving twice


When you buy from an independent store, you support an entrepreneur who had a dream and decided to take a risk. You support the underdog, who chose to act on their desire to offer something different to the local community. You are not just encouraging the sense of community spirit when you buy local or independent, but you are helping build it—supporting small businesses to blossom and local talent being employed. It is estimated that for every £1 spent with a small or medium-sized business, an estimated 63p stays in the economy compared to the 40p that would remain in local circulation from more significant companies.

Shopping independently is also your opportunity to come across some new, undiscovered brands which are not necessarily available at your typical high street retailer. Independents also tend to be very reactive to the needs of their customers. Experiences are often much more tailored and thoughtful when choosing local and independent because the brands need to stand out and leave a good impression. Independents are often even better for the environment. Local businesses themselves, by nature, tend to make more local purchases, supporting local producers wherever they can. Local purchases mean less transportation and less CO2 emissions. Independent retailers often stock locally-made products, which isn't usually the case for big retailers.

In the spirit of gifting thoughtful, local, and independent, we have comprised a list of local independents worth a visit.

The London Flower Shop

One of your local florists is located right in the heart of Long Lane, Southwark and has been the home to the London Flower Shop for over 20 years. The florist has been family-owned for over 12 proud years. They pride themselves on establishing great relationships with the community, international customers, and many businesses, offering fresh flowers and indoor and outdoor plants for any occasion.

The London Flower Shop provides high-quality flowers and plants to local customers, hotels, pubs, weddings, and various corporate events. Their floristry skills can meet diverse customer needs, from small intimate first dates to large wedding installations. Pop along for all your bouquet needs, big or small.


Mon Bijoux

The second independent business on the list is Moni Joux. The jewellery shop was opened over 10 years ago by married couple and ex-financial service workers, Jason and Jamie. Following a one-year trip worldwide to find inspiration for their next venture, they were introduced to their vision while stumbling across silver in Mexico.

Jamie and Jason's vision is simple: bring the highest quality, modern and elegant, ethically-sourced handcrafted silver jewellery to London and beyond. They attribute their success to their customers and always give the personal touch that keeps customers coming back. Mon Bijoux's handmade jewellery is made from the highest-quality and most popular alloy in the jewellery sector: 925 Sterling silver. It is all nickel-free, hypoallergenic, and wearable for allergy sufferers.

Mon Bijoux takes pride in their business, and their ethics are the centre of their company ethos. The store uses recycled packaging, transports by foot, cycle or electric vehicle, and ensures no exploitation of artisans or employees. Mon Bijoux's jewellery can also be personalised with any inscription they hand engrave in-store in any font or customised handwriting.


International Women's Day and the pioneering women of Southwark


March marked International Women's Day on the 8th – the annual worldwide event has been observed since the early 1900s. The day offers an opportunity to reflect on progress made, call for change, and celebrate acts of courage and determination by ordinary women who have played an extraordinary role in the history of their countries and communities. It celebrates how far women have come in society, politics, and economics over the years while also calling for gender parity. To commemorate International Women's Day, we look at some of the incredible women of Southwark.

Ada Salter

Ada Salter was an English social reformer, environmentalist, pacifist and Quaker, President of the Women's Labour League and President of the National Gardens Guild. She was the first female councillor to be elected in Bermondsey in 1909, and in 1920 was elected mayor of the area, making her the first female mayor in London.

Ada insisted on living in the Southwark slums amongst the poor. She was a crucial figure in the Bermondsey Uprising which saw thousands of women march again pay and working conditions in the Bermondsey and Rotherhithe factories. On top of this, Ada ran a beautification campaign which resulted in thousands of trees being planted in the parks and playgrounds of Bermondsey.

Eveline Lowe

Eveline Lowe was a leading educationalist, and together with Ada Salter, Eveline founded the Bermondsey branch of the Independent Labour Party (ILP). She was soon elected to the local Board of Guardians.

Eveline was instrumental in the Bermondsey Uprising, which saw thousands of factory workers strike over poor pay and working conditions. From 1908, Eveline and Ada Salter visited the area's factories to encourage workers to join the National Federation of Women Workers – Mary MaCarthur's women-only trade union.

Mary Potter

Mary Potter recognised the needs of the sick, poor, lonely and dying people of Southwark when she was young. In 1877, Mary founded the Little Company of Mary, a Roman Catholic religious institute of women (also referred to as the Blue Sisters) dedicated to caring for the suffering, the sick and the dying.

Octavia Hill

Octavia Hill was one of the three founders of the National Trust. She was a pioneering thinker and social reformer who was a driving force in developing social housing, including in Southwark. She formed the Horace Street Trust, which became a model for many other housing associations.

Octavia believed in the importance of access to nature for human wellbeing and the need to stop the destruction of the natural landscape. In 1859, Octavia also created the Southwark detachment of the Army Cadet Force. There is a blue plaque recognising Octavia's work in Red Cross Garden, in Borough.

Grace Kimmins

Dame Grace Kimmins is well known for Chailey Heritage – a special school set up to develop specialist education provision for children with disabilities.

However, Dame Grace also contributed to the development of playwork and settlement work and social action – first at the Methodist West London Mission and then at Bermondsey Settlement. Her career at the Bermondsey Settlement spanned over 40 years, where she changed the lives of many living in the area's slums in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Phyllis Pearsall

Phyllis Pearsall was a British painter and writer. She founded the Geographers' A-Z Map Company, for which she is regarded as one of the most successful businesspeople of the twentieth century. The artist walked 3,000 miles by creating the A-Z of London, first sold in 1936. She had the idea when she became lost while trying to find the homes of people she had been asked to paint. She was awarded an MBE for her work, and a blue plaque sits outside the house where she was born in Court Lane Gardens to recognise her work.


The Corporation of Trinity House update: Supporting fishermen and their families during Covid


Much of Trinity Village is owned by the Corporation of Trinity House, which, thanks to the rental income from properties in Trinity Village, can support the work of maritime charities. Over the last couple of years, we are proud to have supported the Fisherman's Mission, which is celebrating 140 years of service to the fishing community.

It has been a tumultuous two years for the fishing industry. The Fishermen’s Mission has been at the forefront of support for fishermen during the Covid crisis. The pandemic brought about the near-overnight collapse of the supply chain for the industry in the spring of 2020. This resulted in some fishermen and fish producers going out of business, while others couldn’t sell their fish for months. As in other industries, times were tough.

The Fishermen’s Mission stepped up their support, with the team working from home, the phones were manned by non-operational staff, and the calls were passed on to the port staff. One team member in the northeast of England found the number of calls they received from fishermen in need trebled in a very short space of time.

Marc, a fisherman in Bangor, North Wales, said, "Things just spiralled really quickly from working and doing well, to lockdown and Brexit putting a stop to everything. We had no one to support us except for the Fishermen’s Mission. They helped me get back on my feet and to crack on with fishing and the future. I’m smiling now – I wasn’t smiling then!"

Health and wellbeing have remained a constant theme in the work of the Fishermen’s Mission throughout its history. Today this is delivered in part by the GetSeaFit project, in partnership with Seafarers Hospital Society. In 2020/21, £1.7m of financial aid was distributed by the Fishermen’s Mission, which was supported by a £25,000 grant from the Corporation of Trinity House and other maritime partners to help fishermen and their families. In 2020 Trinity House funded a pilot SightFit Project, designed to improve access for fishermen to eye checks. The underspend of this pilot was redirected to the GetSeaFit project work.

In 2021, 307 fishermen received £140,000 between them in emergency financial assistance, as well as 1,000 widows and family members needing help. Actively supporting over 3,800 clients means that the Fishermen’s Mission remains grateful for the committed friendship and financial support from the Corporation of Trinity House. For many years the Corporation of Trinity House has provided an invaluable, regular, annual grant to help with the core costs of running the charity, which helps with planning its vital service delivery.


Trinity Village London bucket list 2022 – Part 1


As the first glimmers of spring start to appear, it seems only right we start to look ahead to what 2022 will bring. In the full spirit of getting the most out of this year following lockdowns and the seemingly never-ending pandemic, we have prepared a London bucket list with a bit of everything to suit all. Below is part one of our suggestions, and we're sure you'll find a couple of things to add to your bucket list.

Carlton Tavern

In 2021, the pub reopened, ready to serve the local community fine ales and great food for hopefully the next 100 years. The pub comes equipped with a dining room and beer garden to enjoy a pint and a bag of crisps, a three-course meal, and everything in between.

Captains ahoy!

If you like combining the outdoors with a little bit of luxury, grab your captain's hat and head to the River Thames. Skuna offers a luxury hot tub experience on a boat, whilst embracing your inner Nordic by piloting their completely bespoke electric, easy to self-drive, wood-fired hot tubs.

Hot tub boats originate from Scandinavia's famous tradition of the 'Nordic Bath'. The experience is all-weather year-round, the water is changed between each booking, and each boat can fit up to seven people on board. They also have BBQ boats if you prefer to stay dry whilst floating down the river.

Press the champagne button at Bob Bob Ricard

Bob Bob Ricard in Soho is the iconic London restaurant, famous for pouring more champagne than any restaurant in Britain. The restaurant serves a classic British and Russian menu in a glamorous all-booth dining room setting. Each table is equipped with a "Press for Champagne" button and, once pressed, will summon an attendant to top-up your bubbles supply.

Hang out with some city wildlife

Over the past 50 years, seeing parakeets flying overhead has become ever more common, and the birds in question are ring-necked parakeets. If you are looking for something a little more unusual to do, there is an opportunity to get to know the exciting wildlife in one of London's famous parks. All you have to do is put some seed or fruit in your hand whilst standing in St James or Kensington Gardens; before you know it, parakeets will land for a snack.

Kensington Gardens in West London is most famed for this. Just head to Lancaster Gate tube station, cross the busy road to enter at the top of Hyde Park and follow the path down along the west side until you see the Peter Pan statue.

Mayfield Lavender Fields

If you're up for a trek to the outskirts of London and you like flowers, Mayfield Lavender Fields is a lovely day out. The twenty-five-acre lavender farm with a café and shop is located in Banstead – approximately 15 miles from Central London. The farm is a popular visitor attraction throughout the summer, where you can wander through a sea of beautiful organic lavender.

The lavender starts typically to bloom towards the middle to end of June, and the peak time is July and August. Photography is encouraged at the farm, so it's a perfect stop to add a purple palette to your Instagram, and they even run a competition every year.

Walk on a glass bridge thirty metres above ground

Arguably one of the more 'touristy' items on this bucket list, but nevertheless one worth doing, is experiencing the spectacular glass Floor in the high-level walkway of Tower Bridge.

The glass tower bridge is a permanent feature that offers visitors an incredible birds-eye view of London life. The bridge is forty-two metres above the River Thames and thirty-three metres above road level. The glass walkway provides the perfect vantage point to spy the skyline and the hustle and bustle of London life beneath your feet.


Things to do this festive season:


We’ve reached the halfway point of the festive season now, but the best bits are still to come, with Christmas and New Year just around the corner. We’ve compiled a list of places to visit if you’re looking to venture out of the house, and also added a selection of things to do from home to give everyone you some ideas to help get the best out of the festive season. As always, please stay safe, and we wish everyone a wonderful festive season, whatever you are doing.

The Winter Warmer Fortnight in Covent Garden
Celebrate the festive season in what has been described as "London’s most magical setting". You’ll find plenty of Christmassy treats and seasonal drinks, from mulled wines and hot chocolates (boozy or otherwise) to spiced punch and rosé. The Delaunay is offering fig eggnog, and the event also runs a Christmas sandwich festival, which sees head chefs come up with Christmas twists on the lunchtime staple.

Where: Covent Garden, London WC2
When: Until Thursday 24 December 2021

Visit a garden of remembrance
If you are missing a special person this Christmas, The Ever After Garden in Grosvenor Square will light up London’s Mayfair with more than 25,000 white roses, triple the number of roses it featured in 2019 when it was first established. Visitors can make a personal dedication to remember a loved one and help raise funds for the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity. The best part is that this magical display of white roses is free to visit.

Where: Grosvenor Square, Mayfair, London W1K 6LD
When: Until Thursday 23 December 2021

Ice skating at Somerset House This Christmas period, Somerset House’s neoclassical courtyard is being taken over by Moët & Chandon to bring a fairy-tale ice rink to Londoners. Complete with a 40-foot Christmas tree, the ice rink will serve wine and other winter-inspired drinks.

Where: Skate at Somerset House, London WC2R 1LA
When: Until Sunday 16 January 2022

Selfridges’ Christmas Market
There’s not much that says Christmas like Selfridges Christmas Market. This year they have decorated a whole street, offering Christmas treats and drinks. For the kids and young at heart, you’ll also find a giant helter-skelter, whilst premium brands such as Jo Malone and Penhaligon’s are offering up their delights and a chance to win prizes.

Where: Selfridges Oxford Street, Edwards Mews, London W1U 1QZ
When: Weekdays 4 pm – 9 pm, weekends 12 pm – 9 pm until Friday 24 December

Winter wonderland goes to the cinema East London’s iconic Troxy and Capital Studios in Wandsworth have transformed their Backyard Cinemas with festive makeovers. Decked out in snow and comfy beanbags, the cinemas are all set-up to host the Christmas classics, such as Elf, Love Actually and Home Alone.

Where: The Troxy, 490 Commercial Road, London E1 0HX and Capital Studios, Ram Quarter, 13 Wandsworth Plain, London SW18 1ET
When: Wednesday 1 December–Thursday 30 December 2021

Christmas at Kew Kew Gardens has been dolled up for the ninth year. The illuminated evening trail through the botanic gardens is, we’re told, the brightest year yet. Don your woollen hat, scarf, winter coat and mittens, armed with a cider, mulled wine or hot chocolate for a festive stroll through the Christmas tunnels and beams of light.

Where: Kew Gardens, Richmond, London TW9 3AB
When: Wednesday 17 November 2021–Sunday 9 January 2022

Binge-watch your favourite Christmas films
Why not make a list of Christmas films to watch this December. Whether that be a film marathon binge in one night or spread out throughout the remainder of the Christmas season, there are many films to choose from, including the Grinch, Home Alone, the Holiday, the Snowman, or A Wonderful Life.


Make gingerbread cookies
Whether you’re a baking extraordinaire or just like to give it a go, baking gingerbread cookies are guaranteed to fill your home with a Christmassy smell and get you into the Christmas spirit. If you’re feeling more adventurous, most supermarkets sell gingerbread house kits or if you’d like to attempt your own cookies and test your icing skills, find a recipe to try here.

Make your own mulled wine, cider or hot chocolate
There is nothing quite like the warmth and cosiness of a hot Christmassy drink in the winter months. Mulled wine, cider and hot chocolates with a Christmassy twist are surprisingly easy to make. Plus, when made at home, they are cheaper and fill the house with beautiful smells. See below for our favourite recipes to try your hand at making this year.

Mulled wine: View here
Mulled cider: View here
Hot chocolate: View here

Compile your own Christmas playlist
There’s nothing that screams Christmas quite like blasting the same Christmas bangers on repeat. If you haven’t already, why not compile a Christmas playlist to celebrate Christmas and have a boogie along while you’re at it. If you’re feeling lazy, we’ve found a premade playlist on Spotify for you here.

Christmas scavenger hunt
Stuck inside this Christmas with children or just a bunch of big kids at heart, after all why do we have to grow up just because we’re older? Why not organise a scavenger hunt? You could base the clues on the twelve days of Christmas, winter animals, elves and reindeers, or Christmas songs and films.

Trinity Village’s King Alfred statue restoration plaque unveiling:


Please see a video from the recent unveiling of the restored King Alfred statue unveiling on 9th November. The King Alfred statue, which has resided in Trinity Church Square for over 200 years, has long been revealed as the oldest outdoor statue in London.

The London Stone Conservation undertook conservation work over the summer of 2021, jointly funded by Heritage of London Trust and the Corporation of Trinity House. The work revealed that the upper part of the sculpture, above and including the beltline, is Coade Stone, and the lower part of the body, below the belt consisting of creased clothing and the right leg, is of Bath Stone. Panels of Coade Stone surround the Bath Stone lower part.

An in-depth examination of the statue by Dr Kevin Hayward of PCA Archaeology confirmed the stone was a type of Bath Stone used in around 90% of Roman native stone sculpture in London. Further discussions with Professor Martin Henig, a leading Roman art specialist, concluded that the Bath Stone half was from a statue of the goddess Minerva, which is likely to have been carved by a continental craftsman used to working with British stone. Carvings of this quality are typical of the mid-2nd century AD, dating around the reign of Hadrian. The statue represents a fantastic example of adaptive reuse of heritage to form the statue found today in Trinity Church Square.’

Restaurant Review: Breadstreet Kitchen, Southwark


Arriving at Bread Street Kitchen, we had high expectations, given it’s one of Gordon Ramsey’s restaurants. Walking into the open-plan floor-to-ceiling industrial space, it was decorated and beautifully lit, it’s safe to say first impressions didn’t disappoint.

Our waitress was gracious and attentive and took us through the all-day modern European-themed menu. We decided to opt for the "Beef Wellington Experience". Given that we are both foodies, we jumped at the chance, and it was the perfect autumnal evening for comfort food.

We started with a delicious Grey Goose Vodka, Aperol, lemon juice, passionfruit and Prosecco, which was light and fruity. The salt beef with piccalilli, tamarind chicken wings and tuna tartar were spectacular. The wings, in particular, are worth noting – fried in three types of flour, making them incredibly crunchy and delicious.

The absolute highlight was the main course itself. The Beef Wellington was accompanied by truffle mash and a light side salad, complemented with a bottle of 2019 Pinot Grigio Friuli.

To draw this fabulous experience to a close, we shared a trio of cheesecake, chocolate soufflé and salted caramel ice cream.

The cheesecake was whipped to perfection, and coconut ice cream with fresh pineapple and mango shavings gave a refreshing ending to this winter dish. We’d highly recommend a visit.

Written by Simon & Noel

Visit at: 47-51 Great Suffolk Street, London SE1 0BS
Hours: Monday-Saturday noon-3pm / 6pm-11pm


Trinity House Maritime Charity Update:


The Trinity House Maritime Charity, which is committed to the education, support and welfare of mariners and their dependants, is the UK’s largest endowed maritime charity. The charity’s work is all made possible through the Trinity House Estate and the rental income from the properties.

Recently, Trinity House supported 75 students from London schools in a unique opportunity to experience the first STEM Crew Maritime Roadshow of 2021. This is a national programme run by the charity 1851 that delivers positive, long-term impacts on young women’s education and career aspirations, all inspired by Maritime and STEM.

The Woman in STEM Networks campaign has reported that women make up just 24% of the STEM workforce; furthermore, the Maritime Skills Alliance state that women make up just 16% of seafarers in the UK. Education and role models have been cited as two of the most significant barriers to maritime careers for women and within schools, the gender divide is reflected through pupils’ subject choices.

The 1851 Trust Roadshows travel across the UK to introduce inspiring role models and exciting STEM education practical sessions to local schoolgirls against a backdrop of an exciting sporting and maritime context.

Charity News

Louie-Mae Gibson, Estate Director


We believe that the people behind a company are as important as the company itself, so this month, we introduce you to our very own Louie-Mae Gibson, Estate Director at Trinity Village. Read on to discover a bit more about Louie-Mae, her role, the challenges she faces, and why she loves her role at Trinity Village.

Louie-Mae has managed the Estate team for the past two years and is responsible for the overall day-to-day management of Trinity Village. Starting out in the property industry 13 years ago as the Head of Operations in a property management company, she has transitioned to an onsite Directorship. As with many people, Louie-Mae fell into the property industry. Believe it or not, she began her professional career in the Royal Artillery of the British Army, and she never set out to go into property after leaving. Her initial qualifications as a civilian related to HR and organisational efficiencies, which led her into an operational role in the property sector; this ignited a journey that has culminated in her current position at Trinity Village.

Louie-Mae Gibson

Louie-Mae thoroughly enjoys her rewarding role as your onsite Estate Director, where she takes pride in being closely engaged with both the landlord – Corporation of Trinity House – and the community of residents. The Corporation is a slightly unusual landlord, as the income from the Trinity Village Estate benefit mariners and maritime communities in need. To be involved with such a worthwhile charity also means a great deal to her. Managing an estate of this size and prestige doesn't come without its challenges of course; this includes recognising and respecting the estate's heritage, whilst undertaking work to enhance and improve the Village.

Louie-Mae was initially attracted to the role as Knight Frank are such a well-respected property advisory business. The main reason, however, was that estates like Trinity are very few and far between, and the complexities of such an estate present a challenge too difficult to resist.

At that junction in her career, Louie-Mae was looking for a long-term position that didn't just care about the bottom line, but the lifestyle, the community, and one that had an ethical approach to property management. In the past two years, Louie-Mae has come to realise how unique, wonderful, challenging and altogether different Trinity Village is compared to estates further afield. All the hard work and effort is rewarded, knowing the team is serving such an active and committed community, and providing support for the charitable aims of The Corporation.

Covid, of course, presented some major challenges, such as working remotely and altered working patterns that we’d never seen before. The combination of Covid-19 and a new team who had only been in role for just a couple of months meant some significant adjustments and a steep learning curve.

The Knight Frank team at Trinity Village strive to maintain the human touch as caretakers of Trinity Village. Louie-Mae works within an all-female team, which is a rare sight in this industry. She describes them as some of the most committed, loyal, and hardworking people and she is exceptionally proud of how the team has adjusted, taking on an avalanche of responsibilities and a heavy workload.

The garden squares are beautiful and remain a firm favourite of everyone involved in the estate, but for Louie-Mae, her favourite spot has to be the Management Office. The office is a hub of all things Trinity, where the team can work collaboratively, meet residents, and make decisions that positively impact the whole estate. In terms of food spots, the Gladstone Arms is a solid lunch spot and always delivers, and the Honi Poke is a firm favourite when ordering Uber Eats.

Lastly, Louie-Mae reiterates how grateful and fortunate she is to be in such a position, and can't thank the residents or the landlord enough for being with her on this journey. She hopes to continue to serve the community for years to come.

If you ever fancy a chat or have a question, feel free to pop into the Estate Office to visit Louie-Mae and the team in person.

Business Spotlight: Emilia Ltd. / Bianca & Mora, Borough Market


Emilia sells only the most exquisite authentic Italian food and wines with one central goal: to bring to Britain the same high quality, authentic Italian charcuterie, cheese, parmesan, and balsamic vinegar Italians have on their tables. Based in Borough Market, Emilia’s ‘Bianca & Mora’ stall offers genuine Italian regional food.

Since the beginning, Emilia has been proud to support small family businesses and producers from their home region, Emilia Romagna. Emilia Romagna is one of the most well-known Italian regions, with its capital city, Bologna. Located at the centre of the peninsula, a long stretch of Emilia Romagna’s eastern coast lies along the Adriatic Sea, making it an appealing summer destination. The food in Emilia Romagna is still proudly prepared in the way it has traditionally been made. It is from these traditional and family secrets, that the food offered at the Borough Market stall takes its inspiration.


The Emilia Romagna region is still considered one of the main food regions in the world for its unique produce, territory, growing methods and traditions. With a quick browse of the Bianca & Mora store products, you’ll instantly recognise some of the most famous Italian products, including Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, Parma Ham, Balsamic Vinegar Modena and Piadina bread.

All products are sourced from a collection of small farms in Northern Italy. The star of the charcuterie is the hand-carved leg of the Mora Romagnolo pig, which spends its life feeding on acorns and chestnuts, lending the meat a subtle but distinctive flavour. All the products are organic, and several enjoy Italian DOP status, short for Denominazione di Origine Protetta, which translates as "Protected Designation of Origin". DOP products are locally-grown and packaged; they get their regulated certification by following strict guidelines from production to packaging. Whether you’re planning to indulge in some homemade pizza or treat yourself to the number one comfort food, cheesy pasta, you are sure to have an authentic Italian food experience.

Bianca & Mora Stall, Borough Market, 8 Southwark Street, London SE1 1TL



The Best Locations for Lighthouse Staycations – Summer 2021


As restrictions on foreign travel have scuppered many people’s plans to travel abroad, some have opted to stay closer to home. And there are some unusual places to choose from.

The Corporation of Trinity House built and still maintains over 60 lighthouses across the UK; many of which offer overnight accommodation. In light of this, we have collated some of the best lighthouse stays across the UK. Steeped in history and offering panoramic views of the sea, a lighthouse staycation offers a unique holiday experience.

1. Nash Point, Vale of Glamorgan, Wales

Historically, the sands on the Welsh coastline were a major hazard for ships, contributing to the loss of many lives. After the wrecking of a passenger vessel, Frolic, in 1831, the Nash Point Lighthouse was built. The penultimate lighthouse in the UK to be de-manned, it now sleeps up to four and is located along a beautiful 14-mile-long stretch of coast. This historic lighthouse is perfectly placed for a family that enjoys long walks. With the Gower Peninsula also within easy reach, Nash Point provides plenty of special experiences to be enjoyed on your staycation.

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2. North Foreland, Kent

Just a two-hour drive from Trinity Village, North Foreland in Kent is also a fantastic option for a staycation. Initially built in 1691, this historic landmark and its accompanying buildings have been upgraded over time to accommodate guests. The Khina & Lodestone cottages – situated either side of the lighthouse – are relaxing and child-friendly with ample space for play. Bleak House – Charles Dickens’ holiday home – is also only a short distance away, which makes for a great day trip.

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3. Trevose Head, Cornwall

If you are seeking an authentic seafaring experience, the Trevose Head Lighthouse is the ideal pick. The lighthouse is still operational, allowing guests to enjoy the rich maritime culture in similar fashion to those who came before them. To further immerse yourself in this culture, take a walk along the striking beaches of Harlyn & Constantine Bays. Here you can participate in local activities such as fishing and hiking along the stunning coast. After a day of activities, the idyllic Pelorus Cottage provides the perfect setting for small groups of friends and families to unwind.

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4. Whitby Lighthouse, Yorkshire

Interestingly, one of Whitby’s fishmongers is almost as old as the lighthouse itself. Fortune Kippers is one of Whitby’s most famous attractions and can be found on the attractive and historic east-side of the town. To give you even more reasons to visit, the nearby Whitby Abbey was the inspiration behind Mary Shelley’s Dracula.

Trinity House built the present Whitby Lighthouse in 1858, originally as a pair of towers aligned north-south showing fixed lights over Whitby Rock. For a staycation at a destination bursting with history, Whitby Lighthouse won’t disappoint.

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Best places to walk your dog this summer


Regular exercise is not only great for your health, but its great for your dog’s health too. One of the best things about exercising with your four-legged friend is that you’ll never lack motivation. You’ll always have an exercise partner waiting by the door with a wagging tail before you step out! South London has some great dog-friendly parks and green spaces to explore, and we’ve picked some of the best ones for you below.

Peckham Rye Park & Common

Peckham Rye Park & Common is located 5 miles from Trinity Village. It is a large 113-acre open space, providing ample space for dogs and their owners. The grass is also frequently trimmed providing a great environment to run around. Each September, the Summer Fete and Dog Show is hosted in the park, giving you even more reason to enjoy a fun day out here.

Strakers Road
SE13 3UA

Nearest Station: East Dulwich or Nunhead (National Rail) or Honor Oak Park (overground).

Greenwich Park

Greenwich Park is steeped in history with lots of spaces and features to explore. Although the park does have a small herd of deer, they are kept separate from the main area which makes it a particularly good place to visit for dog walkers.

SE10 8QY

Nearest Station: Cutty Sark (DLR). Take the Jubilee Line from London Bridge Station to Canary Wharf. At Canary Wharf, alight the Jubilee Line and walk to Heron Quays Docklands Light Railway (DLR) station – approximately 9 minutes. Depart Heron Quays Station and ride DLR until Cutty Sark DLR station.


Restaurant Review: The Royal Oak


Occasionally easy to forget as it is off the beaten track, but the Royal Oak offers traditional pub fayre, in a classic London old-school pub setting.

The pies – hearty and homecooked – are a favourite, and of the best quality. Whether you go for a steak and ale pie or the smoked tofu you won’t be disappointed. Their menu boasts classics such as scotch eggs, salt beef sandwiches, and sausage and colcannon mash. For those that want something a little lighter, there is also a great small eats section of the menu. So it is sure to suit everyone in your party.

The beauty of the Royal Oak is that is serves up a variety of locally sourced, English, and British food, giving you the added value of knowing you are supporting local and British businesses.

The service is excellent, and you couldn’t ask for more.

This is a friendly and relaxed eatery that always hits the spot and should definitely be on the list for you to visit if you haven’t already.

Visit at:
44 Tabbard Street
London, SE1 4JU

Monday-Friday: 4pm – 11pm
Saturday: 11:30am – 11pm
Sunday: 12pm – 7pm

+44(0) 20 7357 7173 /


Local Business Spotlight: Bermondsey Fayre


Our local business spotlight for this issue shines brightly on Bermondsey Fayre. The ethically conscious boutique was founded over 10 years ago by owner, Liz. Wearing clothes designed by her friends, she would often be asked by strangers where they could purchase the items she was sporting. After initially positioning the business as a pop-up shop, Bermondsey Fayre is now a permanent fixture in the community, supporting an array of local and independent artists.

When in the store, you will find a host of delicately crafted items: cashmere headbands, silk scarves and award-winning organic face serum. Products are made sustainably and are designed to help the environment. For example, Beeswax Wraps are offered as an alternative to cling film.

If that wasn’t enough, Bermondsey Fayre also hosts yoga classes. The experienced instructors – each with their own specialism – offer personal tuition to help guide students through their sessions. Yogis can also enjoy special retreats organised by Liz and the instructors, in beautiful locations, for the ‘nourishment of mind body and soul’.

Bermondsey Fayre has something for everyone, and you will not be disappointed when you pay a visit this summer.

Visit at:
212 Bermondsey Street, Bermondsey
London, SE1 3TQ


+44(0) 20 7403 2133 /


The Best Activities to Enjoy this Summer


London is arguably one of the most exciting cities in the world, bursting with an eclectic mix of activities. From iconic landmarks to pop-up events, anybody can experience the range of attractions across the Capital. Trinity Village is perfectly located, meaning many of the best and most enjoyable attractions are right on your doorstep. Below we have picked some of the best activities to help you make the most of your summer.

1. The Thames Clipper

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One of the most stylish and efficient ways to get around the city, the Thames Clipper offers a hugely enjoyable day out. Travel from Putney in West London to Woolwich in the south-east, ticking off the London landmarks as you go. The Clipper runs almost every day of the year (except Christmas Day and Boxing Day) and allows you to use your Oyster card to avoid hassle. Some Clipper services serve alcoholic beverages making this travel experience unlike any other in the capital, so prepare yourself for an epic day out.


2. Daytime Archery Class

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If you’re ready to socialise and pick-up a new hobby after the pandemic, this daytime archery class could be just right. The organisers guarantee ‘serious fun’ from patient and experienced instructors who will guide you through the 1.5-hour session. You’ll also learn key archery expressions such as ends and nocks, which will prepare you for a mini-competition with fellow beginners at the end of the class. The sessions are held in one of two conveniently located venues near London Bridge, but be quick! Tickets are selling out fast.


3. Visit the White Cube

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The White Cube is one of the world’s leading contemporary art galleries in the heart of Bermondsey. Currently boasting exhibitions from artists such as Bronwyn Katz, Takis and Julie Curtiss, the Cube has exhibited the work of many of the world’s most highly acclaimed contemporary artists. Art-lovers can also enjoy tutorials detailing how amateurs can make their own versions of the art on display. The Cube is a must-see this summer.

White Cube Bermondsey, 144-152 Bermondsey Street, London, SE1 3TQ.


4. The Bermondsey Beer Mile

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Craft beer has become increasingly popular in the last few years as hops-enthusiasts gravitate towards lesser-known brands. There are several microbreweries within a mile and a half radius in Bermondsey, which makes it an excellent location for a beer crawl. Hidden among a stretch of railway arches, you will find UBREW, Brew by Numbers, EeBria and Fourpure Brewing. Unfortunately, the only day all of them are open is Saturday, but this guide to The Mile will provide you with all the information you need.


5. Visit the Shard

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As the tallest building in the UK, the Shard is frequently voted as one of London’s greatest tourist attractions, offering panoramic views of the city. This summer, visit The View from The Shard and see London from an incredible vantage point. While the views alone make this attraction worthwhile, the bars and restaurants inside The Shard are also highly recommended and offer a series of delectable dishes from around the world.


Al Fresco Dining


The long-awaited return of London’s hospitality sector has created a buzz of excitement in the capital. As lockdown restrictions eased on 12th April, restaurants and pubs opened their doors to customers for al fresco dining. Londoners can now eat and drink outside with up to six people, marking the beginning of a long summer spent socialising with friends and family.

Borough Market is world-renowned for its wide range of dining options, but as London’s oldest food market, customers can also feast on its rich culture and heritage. Below, we’ve hand-picked some of the best places for you to make the most of the new normal, all of which are right on your doorstep.


Padella offers a simple menu of eight pasta dishes including tagliatelle, gnocci and ravioli. They combine traditional Italian techniques and flavour combinations with quality British produce. All pasta is freshly made in the restaurant, in keeping with the classic, homely Italian experience.

Location: 6 Southwark Street, London, SE1 1TQ.


Rabot 1745

A short walk from Trinity Village, Rabot 1745 is the perfect place to catch up with friends over coffee. This restaurant, bar, café and shop is dedicated to cacao beans. Dishes are inspired by St Lucian cuisine and blend traditional Caribbean flavours with cacao to create a unique tasting experience.

Location: 2-4 Bedale Street, Borough Market, London, SE1 9AL.

Cartwright Brothers Vintners Ltd

The expansive range of wines at Cartwright Brothers Vintners Ltd. includes a ‘chocolate wine’ that is sweet, tasty and distinctive. Wines are sourced from independent estates around the world but are supported by a growing list of English options available for customers to taste.

Location: Borough Market, Borough High Street, London, SE1 1TU.


Gourmet Goat

For food packed with flavour and ethically sourced, Gourmet Goat is the perfect option. When the founders discovered that goat dairy farms sent their billy kids straight to be slaughtered, thus wasting the meat, they were appalled. This is what drove them to create Gourmet Goat. Their menu also includes delicious vegetarian eastern Mediterranean dishes.

Location: 41 Rochester Walk, London, SE1 9AF.


Roebuck Pub

The Roebuck Pub is a firm favourite among Trinity Village dwellers. The spacious piazza between Great Dover Street and Trinity Street is the perfect location for al fresco dining with lots of seating and tables outside for customers to enjoy their meals. Both the food and service are highly commended by Trinity Village residents, so be sure to pay a visit.

Location: 50 Great Dover Street, London, SE1 4YG

The last year has been incredibly difficult for us all, especially independent business owners. As we emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic, now is the perfect time to show your support.

Borough's Best Takeaway Resturants & Cafes


As England continues to face Covid restrictions, the livelihood of our local independent retailers and eateries is at risk. With this in mind, we would like to showcase our neighbourhood’s small businesses, spotlighting the retailers and restaurants that offer takeaway and / or delivery services, to encourage you to shop local during this unprecedented period.

It’s no secret that the last year has been tough for independent business owners, and now more than ever they need your support.

Hej Coffee
Based at the top of South London’s trendiest street, Hej Coffee is open and serving takeaway drinks, snacks, and delicious, sweet treats. The perfect place to pop into before taking a stroll up to Tower Bridge, this coffee shop will provide the fuel needed for a brisk Spring walk.

Location: 1 Bermondsey Square, London SE1 3UN

Borough Market
London’s most iconic fresh produce destination, Borough Market is home to an abundance of bustling traders, who continue to provide the finest ingredients, delicacies, and delights during lockdown. With over 140 independent retailers to peruse, this is the perfect place to pick-up mood-boosting treats for you and your family.

Location: Borough Market, 8 Southwark Street, London SE1 1TL

Shrigley’s Moroccan Cuisine
Located just around the corner from Trinity Village, Shrigley’s Moroccan Cuisine is a local staple for authentic Middle Eastern dishes. Offering both delivery and takeaway options, you can order via Deliveroo or directly from the restaurant.

Location: 125 Borough High Street, London SE1 1NP

Borough's Best Takeaway

Giddy Grocer


Founded in 2017 by TV producer-come-grocer Christine Hall, and fellow Bermondsey local Simon Lyons, Giddy Grocer is a distinctive grocery store on Bermondsey Street with a traditional approach to its interior and customer service, yet a 21st-century outlook on sustainable and ethically sourced produce. With fresh fruit, veg, cheeses and other delicious essentials hand-picked from artisan British producers, the Giddy Grocer team always aims to champion newcomers they believe are worth supporting.

Hall, who spent much of her career producing award-winning documentaries such as Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares, has a rich family history of providing London locals with fresh produce; her grandparents owned a greengrocer in the New Forest in the 1950s – a place renowned for growing quality soft fruits and vegetables – where her father became resident baker.

Having traded in Bermondsey for over 12 years, Simon has a high profile in the local area – his B Street Deli is a neighbourhood favourite, and his passion for serving the local community with high quality, delicious food is well recognised.

Both Christine and Simon are long-term Bermondsey residents, and felt that there had long been a need for a great place to buy fresh groceries and provisions – so when an opportunity to own a shop on Bermondsey Street arose, Giddy Grocer was born.

Over the course of the pandemic, Giddy Grocer has remained open, serving the community with essential items. The shop offers click and collect and delivery services too, so you can sample the delicious delicacies without leaving the house.

80 Bermondsey Street, London SE1 3UD Tel: 020 3609 7140

Giddy Grocer

Charity News: Seafarer training


In light of the devastating effects the Covid-19 pandemic has had on the merchant seafaring community, The Maritime Charities Group, together with Trinity House and the Merchant Navy Welfare Board (MNWB), have joined forces with the Marine Society to launch a bursary fund for seafarer training. The fund is aimed at seafarers who are based in the UK and are facing redundancy as a result of the virus.

This ground-breaking initiative comes from an alliance of maritime welfare charities, the maritime industry, and trade unions who have been working together to find solutions to the looming employment crisis, and its inevitable impact on the health and welfare of merchant seafarers and their families.

Each of the charity partners has an important role to play: MNWB brings its welfare expertise, Trinity House promotes maritime careers through its maritime charity, and the Marine Society brings extensive experience of running similar funding schemes together with information, advice and guidance on maritime education and training.

With the continued support of Trinity Village tenants, The Corporation of Trinity House is able to provide vital support to those in need. Now more than ever, the rental income from Trinity Village offers a lifeline to communities whose livelihoods are materially threatened by the pandemic.

Charity News

Trinity Villager - Guide to supporting Local Independents


With London placed under tier 4 Covid restrictions, the livelihood of our local independent retailers and eateries is once again at risk, during what is usually the busiest trading period of the year.

With this in mind, we would like to showcase our neighbourhood’s small businesses, spotlighting the retailers and restaurants that are able to offer takeaway or delivery services, to encourage you to shop local during this festive and New Year period. It’s no secret that this year has been tough for independent business owners, and now more than ever they need your support.

Takeaway Food

Rao – Vietnamese Takeaway
In pre-Covid times, the Rao team were regulars at London’s street food markets, but Covid-19 has dramatically affected the independent eatery’s ability to serve Londoners with their delicious Vietnamese delicacies. However, you can support this small business by ordering takeaway dishes at their Borough High Street location.

Location: 304 Borough High Street, London SE1 1JJ

Opening Times:
Monday: CLOSED
Tuesday: 17:30 - 22:30
Wednesday: 17:30 - 22:30
Thursday: 17:30 - 22:30
Friday: 17:30 - 22:30
Saturday: 17:30 - 22:30
Sunday: 12:30 - 21:00
Christmas Day: CLOSED
Boxing Day: CLOSED

Hej Coffee
Based at the top of South London’s trendiest street, Hej Coffee is still open and serving takeaway drinks, snacks, and delicious festive treats. The perfect location to pop into before taking a stroll up to Tower Bridge, this coffee shop will provide the fuel needed for a brisk winter walk.

Location: 1 Bermondsey Square, London SE1 3UN

Opening Times:
Monday – Friday: 7:30 – 16:00
Saturday: 9:00 – 17:00
Sunday: 9:00 – 17:00
Christmas Day: CLOSED
Boxing Day: CLOSED

Borough Market
London’s most iconic fresh produce destination, Borough Market is home to an abundance of bustling traders, who will continue to provide the finest dishes, delicacies, and delights throughout the festive period. With over 140 independent retailers to peruse, this is the perfect place to pick-up last-minute Christmas gifts, or even treats for your New Year celebrations.

Location: Borough Market, 8 Southwark Street, London SE1 1TL

Opening Times:
Monday: 10:00 –17:00
Tuesday: 8:00 – 18:00
Wednesday: 8:00 – 18:00
Thursday: 8:00 – 16:00
Friday: 8:00 – 16:00
Saturday: CLOSED
Sunday: CLOSED
Christmas Day: CLOSED
Boxing Day: CLOSED

Shrigley’s Moroccan Cuisine
Located just around the corner from Trinity Village, Shrigley’s Moroccan Cuisine is a local staple for authentic Middle Eastern dishes. Offering both delivery and takeaway options, you can order from on Deliveroo or directly from the restaurant.

Location: 125 Borough High Street, London SE1 1NP

Opening Times:
Monday to Friday: 07:00 — 19:00
Saturday: 08:00 — 16:00
Sunday: 08:00 — 16:00
Christmas Day: CLOSED

Groceries and shopping

Giddy Grocer
Giddy Grocer is a distinctive new grocery store on Bermondsey Street with a nostalgic sensibility to its interior and customer service, yet a 21st-century sustainable outlook. Its emphasis is on sourcing primarily from artisan British producers and championing newcomers they believe are worth supporting. The grocer will be open until Christmas Eve, and throughout the festive period. The independent retailer is also available for collection and deliveries, via the website.

80 Bermondsey Street, London SE1 3UD

Opening Times:
Monday: 8:00am –20:00pm
Tuesday: 8:00am –20:00pm
Wednesday: 8:00am –20:00pm
Thursday: 8:00am –20:00pm
Friday: 8:00am –20:00pm
Saturday: 8:00am –20:00pm
Sunday 10am–17:00pm
Christmas Eve: 9:00am–15:00pm
Christmas Day: CLOSED
Boxing Day: CLOSED


Bermondsey Corner
Bermondsey Corner is an independent family and friends adventure merging lifestyles and culinary passion. Created during the lockdown, the fine food purveyors provide the highest quality ingredients and produce from the very best suppliers in the UK, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Germany and Greece. The new shop is open, and available for click and collect via the website.

142 Bermondsey Street, London SE1 3TX

Opening Times:
Monday: 10:00 - 20:00
Tuesday: 09:00 - 21:00
Wednesday: 09:00 - 21:00
Thursday: 09:00 - 15:00
Friday: CLOSED
Saturday: 10:00 - 20:00
Sunday: 10:00 - 20:00


New Website and Portal

The Trinity Village - Ultimate Walking Route


New Website and Portal

Whilst the second national lockdown ends soon, it's likely many of us will still be working from home for the foreseeable future. Dragging yourself away from your desk can sometimes be a challenge, but getting outside and feeling the fresh air on your face provides a number of valuable health and wellbeing benefits. Whether you are in need of some headspace, you want to up your daily step count, or you’d simply like to enjoy some Winter sunshine, a quick walk is the easiest way to do so.

With this in mind, we have curated the ultimate Trinity Village Walk, which takes you through the picturesque Village, and on to some of London’s most iconic landmarks.

WalkBegin your trip in Trinity Square, taking in the scene of the stunning Georgian townhouses, and the lush greenery that surrounds the Henry Wood Hall. Turn left onto Trinity Street, heading towards Borough High Street. Once you’ve reached the end of the road, turn right. Cross the road and walk up the High Street for 12 minutes, until you reach the Southwark War Memorial. Here, turn left, continuing onto Borough High Street. Once you reach the end of this street, cross the road and veer right, down Stoney Street.

New Website and Portal

Wonder down Stoney Street for around 30 seconds. On the left, you will find Stoney Street by 26 Grains – a beautiful independent restaurant that offers fantastic coffee, and even better pastries.

Pick-up a hot drink of your choice and continue your exploration of Stoney Street. Now you’ll enter Borough Market; an emporium of delicious, artesian food from some of the capital’s finest eateries.

New Website and Portal

WalkOnce you’ve soaked up the atmosphere of Borough Market, go back onto Stoney Street. From here, turn left, walking down the street until you reach Clink Street – follow the road until you reach the end.

Turn right onto Cathedral Street, then first left onto Montague Close. Whilst wandering down Montague Close, take in the historic sites of Southwark Cathedral; one of the oldest religious sites in London. When you reach the end of the close, turn left onto London Bridge.

Walk across the iconic bridge, taking in the views on both sides of the river. On your left, you will see St Paul’s Cathedral in the distance. On the right, you’ll see Tower Bridge – one of London’s most recognisable landmarks.

New Website and Portal

Once you reach the other side of the bridge, cross the road so that you are on the right / East side. Take the steps down to the riverfront. In front of you, you will have a clear view of Tower Bridge. This is one of the area’s most peaceful spots; here, you can take a moment to ponder and reflect, or carry on walking.

Walk along the bank for 12 minutes, until you have reached the immense sight of Tower Bridge. Here, you can admire the magnificent lawns and the castle-like scenes of the Bridge entrance. Follow the road around and cross over.

Walk Whilst crossing, admire the wonderful views of central London to the West. Once you reach the other side, walk down Tower Bridge Road for 20 minutes.

On your right, you will spot the familiar sight of Great Dover Street. Turn right here, and stroll for 7 minutes. On your left, after passing Spurgeon Street, you will spot an alley way; this will lead you to Trinity Street; here, you can return to your home (or to your desk) or continue your exploration into the wider Southwark area.

New Website and Portal

Do you have a favourite local walk we can share on the Trinity Village website? Email us on

Trinity Villager - Autumn / Winter 2020


Welcome to the Autumn / Winter 2020 edition of the Trinity Villager. Although the Summer months brought us good weather, we still find ourselves living with the pandemic challenge, and perhaps to a greater extent than we might have hoped back then. However, we are pleased to hear and see that the community spirit in Trinity Village appears as strong as ever despite that.

October saw the launch of the significantly improved Trinity Village website, as well as a new portal for AST tenants. As you will read below, the interactive portal aims to simplify communication between AST tenants and the Estate Team and make it more direct. We welcome your feedback, and do hope you have enjoyed using the portal thus far.

Using its rental income from Trinity Village, the Corporation of Trinity House has been fulfilling its

charitable purpose with meaningful support to delivery charities as they work to relieve the damage done by the pandemic right across the maritime sector.

This includes help to fishing communities and to seafarers stranded around the world, as well as to their families. Without this funding, many of these people would be facing all manner of unsustainable hardship, whether economic or in their welfare or mental health, and would not receive the help they need. We thought you would want to know this, and we thank you for your on-going help, support, and cooperation.

At the same time as digging deep in the face of COVID-19, the Corporation is keeping up its "business-as-usual" charitable work, and you can read about AHOY in the pages that follow.

We hope the community spirit that is so alive in Trinity Village continues to make a difference to residents’ lives in the coming months and, while they are still some way off, we take this opportunity to wish you the merriest possible Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.

Martin Atherton, Corporation of Trinity House
and Louie-Mae Gibson, Knight Frank

New Website and Portal

New website and residential portal


October welcomed the launch of the new Trinity Village website, and portal for AST tenants. The aim of the new, interactive portal is to allow for seamless communication between AST residents and the Trinity Village Estate Team, via easy-to-use tools that provide you with better access to key documents and information. Via the new portal, you can directly download important documents, check the status of your tenancy, and communicate with the onsite team, as well as report a maintenance issue.

The new portal is also home to useful guides and essential information, to help you understand the moving in and out processes, and your responsibilities as a tenant.

If you haven’t received an email inviting you to create a portal account, please contact a Trinity Village team member by emailing

New Website and Portal

TNRA news


Covid-19 has, sadly, radically impacted TNRA’s activities, resulting in the cancellation of nine social events planned for March and December this year; and there is unfortunately still no sign of normal life returning for many months. Nevertheless, via Zoom, emails, phone calls and other means, TNRA continues to actively represent

its members’ concerns, interests and needs, including organising a team of volunteers to provide shopping and delivery services for those who have to self-isolate. TNRA similarly maintains close contact and effective liaison with Knight Frank, Southwark Council and others, on behalf of all its members.


Estate updates


October has welcomed a new member to the Trinity Village Estate Team: Sylvia Kay. Sylvia has joined as a part-time Administration Assistant and has already made a fantastic start; she is a welcome addition to the team.

The garden improvements project is well underway, and we expect it to be complete by mid-November. This includes new pathways, paved areas, a sprinkler system, additional water points, electrical works, re-turfing, aesthetic additions such as metal works in Merrick Square, gate works, new lighting and replanting.

This has been done to enhance and rejuvenate Trinity Village's very special community spaces, and we are sure this investment will continue to be enjoyed by all for years to come.

The Health & Safety and Fire Risk assessments have been completed, and Trinity Village remains fully compliant. Such high levels of compliance have required considerable investment and time by the Estate Team, with residents’ safety at the forefront of all that we do.

Finally, we’d like to thank all of those who have given the Estate Team such positive reviews on Trust Pilot.


Roast Restaurant - Residents Review


My companion opened her attack on the Market Menu with a signature Scotch egg (accompanied by a piccalilli sauce) to die for while I started with some fine oak smoked salmon served with chopped egg and toast. I then opted for a whole sea bass with herb butter cooked en papillote accompanied by a generous serving of vegetables (carrots, cabbage and small roast potatoes), while eying with jealousy the tender and juicy roast pork belly served with Bramley apple sauce and mashed potato that Laura was tucking into with relish.

We ended an exceptional meal with a rich yet seemingly light sticky date pudding with toffee sauce and Devonshire clotted cream for me, and four prime British cheeses with chutney and biscuits for Laura. And from first to last we quaffed a fine prosecco. The service was impeccable, and the table-placements, hygiene and all Covid-related safety measures were excellent.

Tim Horsler

Roast  Restaurant

Local Business Spotlight - Tamaris Indian


Lauded as the best Indian Restaurant & Takeaway in Southwark, Tamaris Indian is a quaint family-owned restaurant located in the heart of Trinity Village. Serving the best of traditional Indian cuisine, the eatery provides a fantastic selection of vegetarian, vegan and meat dishes. The Lamb Biriyani is a menu highlight, with Londoners known to travel across the city to sample the famed dish.

The eatery is a local hotspot for Trinity Village residents, with many making use the restaurant’s famously prompt and reliable delivery service.

Tamaris Indian is located at 6 Trinity Street, Southwark, London SE1 1DB and is available for dining-in or takeaway. To book, call 020 7378 9292.

Tamaris Indian

Charity News: AHOY


AHOY offers opportunities and training for disadvantaged, at risk and vulnerable young people. Via the funds collected through Trinity Village rents, and other corporate initiatives, the Corporation of Trinity House is able to support AHOY, who use the medium of sailing, rowing and water-based activities to provide innovative training – teaching transferable and employable skills and at the same time building self-confidence and self- esteem.

Working with hundreds of young people every year helping them to change their lives, AHOY know that hands-on practical training with tangible outcomes

gets results, as the learning is relevant to them and rooted in the real world. Over the years, AHOY have received the continued support of Trinity House, without which the charity would struggle to continue to offer the fantastic level of training they currently do .

This year, the funding provided has helped cover maintenance costs, to ensure that their essential equipment is kept in good working condition. Without this support it will be difficult to deliver the training and activities provided by AHOY.

Sailability rowing

View our available properties